Who We Are


Pantè Technology Corporation is a premier provider of
innovative information technology (IT) products, services, and
enterprise-wide integrated IT solutions to higher education, Federal,
State, and Local government customers worldwide.

Pantè Technology Corporation is a Veteran-owned small business
experienced in information technology systems and technical services.

Headquartered in Texas with region offices in the Austin Texas
and the Washington DC area, Pantè employs professional
consultants and associates who promote a culture of customer
satisfaction and a dedicated professional staff who understand and
anticipate our customers’ needs and conduct business responsively to
achieve superior customer service.

Since our founding in 1995, we have focused on combining leading-edge
technologies and comprehensive support services into solutions that
meet customer needs: from innovative solutions for distributed,
enterprise-wide computing to laptop systems. During this time, we have
demonstrated our unique ability to thoroughly understand our
customers’ needs and deliver high-performance, cost-effective
solutions that enable them to accomplish their business objectives.

The Pantè Technology Team and sales personnel hold key industry
certifications, and help customers choose the products and
product-based solutions that allow them to do their job most
Our core competencies are comprised of the following four business

* Asset Management
* Information Security & Intelligence
* Network Design & Integration
* Operational Support
* System Sales, Integration & Services


Pantè’s mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers.
We recognize that strong relationships require time and patience to
develop. Pantè Technology Corporation embraces the process of
cultivating and strengthening our partnership relations by sub combing
to on-site visits and personal contact. This results in us providing:

* Increased Customer productivity through the delivery of superior
customer service and best of breed office automation solutions
* Comprehensive design, consulting, integration, and operational
support services.

Why Pantè

In today’s increasingly complex technology marketplace, the
decision to buy is often based on the strength of the relationship
between the buyer and seller. Nowhere else is this even more evident
than in the Federal, State, Local, and Education Marketplace. Many
technology enterprises struggle to make the right connections and
build the rapport necessary for strong business alliances. They often
lack direction and the information technology knowledge while wasting
precious time, money, and manpower.

With Pantè Technology Corporation on your team, you will be
introduced to superior customer service, best of breed IT solutions
and services, as well as the ability to bring together technologies
from multiple technological vendors to the meet your organizations

For assistance with your IT needs, please contact:

Oraios R. Ward, Vice President – orward@pantetech.com – 512.773.1060


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